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Quiz #2 7.1.2 Importance of Replicable Trials

ScienceThe human understanding of how nature works ; "Man is the interpreter of nature, science the right interpretation." - William Whewell
Scientific MethodA system of thinking and experimenting that, if followed properly, gives us confidence in our findings
PurposeWhat do you want to learn?
ResearchFind out as much about your topic as you can
HypothesisPredict the answer to the problem
ExperimentDesign a test to confirm or disprove your hypothesis
AnalysisRecord what happened during the experiment
ConclusionWas your hypothesis correct?
Independent VariableWhat variable is the scientist changing and testing?
Dependent VariableWhat variable is the scientist measuring?
Controlled VariableWhat variable must be held constant to make sure the experiment is fair and consistent
Replicable TrialsIf somebody else wants to repeat the exact same experiment, they should get the same data. This ensures the data is reliable.
Sample SizeA good experiment will have a large enough group to test to make sure the data is reliable.

7th Grade Life Science Teacher

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