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Personal Finance - Objective 3.01 - Career Choices

InterestSomething that a person wants to learn more about
interest inventoryA tool for finding out what a person is interested in
career clusterA group of related career pathways
career pathwayA specific career focus or direction
PersonalityThe set of personal qualities that make each individual person unique
IdealsThings that are important to a person
PrinciplesBeliefs that guide a person’s life
human capitalThe complete set of skills that a person has acquired
occupational trainingAn educational program that specializes in preparing individuals for a specific type of work
InternshipA short-term work-based learning experience, either paid or unpaid, in which an individual works to gain experience in a specific field
ApprenticeshipA work-based learning experience, usually short-term, in which an individual works alongside a highly skilled worker or craftsperson to learn specialized work skills
JobA work opportunity or position to earn wages; may be short-term
CareerA long-term series of work experiences in a particular field
WageMoney earned for hours worked
SalarySet amount of income for a time period worked ( a week, two weeks, one month)
ProfessionA life’s work, usually a career field that requires a college degree
supplemental incomeEarnings in addition to one’s primary wages or salary

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