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Science Chapter 4 Study Guide

What is left of a living thing from the past?fossil
When a living thing has died out.extinct
Scientists can put together a full set of bones from one animal to make this.skeleton
What is a scientist who studies fossils called?paleontologist
Plant and animal fossils found in the same layer of rock.They lived about the same time.
Some became extinct becausethere were big changes on Earth.
Millions of years ago, some California animals were trapped intar pits.
A dinosaur skeleton is made up ofbones.
Petrified wood isfossilized wood that has turned into stone.
What is the first step of how a fossil is formed?The animal dies.
What is the second step of how a fossil is formed?Its body is covered by mud.
What is the third step of how a fossil is formed?The animal's skeleton hardens in the layers of rock.
If paleontologists find many leaf fossils in a desert area, what can they guess about the past?There once was plenty of water for plants to grow there.
What can a paleontologist learn from a dinosaur skeleton?The size of the dinosaur.
A paleontologist who finds a fish fossil might guess that the areaused to be covered by water.
Can a hat, tooth, shoe, or a letter become a fossil?tooth
An animal that is extinct isgone forever.
What can you guess about a dinosaur skeleton with long sharp teeth?It ate meat.
Some fossils are bones but other areprints of whole animals or plants.
Scientists find fossils inrock, ice, amber, and tar.

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