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english unit 5

abominateill, omen, hate, despise, abhor
accoladeaward,tribute, applause, acknowledge
acrimoniouscostic, bitter, hatred, acrid
ambrosialfragrant, divine, delicious, scrumptious, greek gods
aplombself-confidence, composure, poise
bellicosewarlike, belligerent, combative, argumentative
bizarreodd, eccentric, extravagent, queer
cajolefalse promises, convince, entice, dillude
charlatanfraud, imposter, quack
consternationdismay,worrisome, astonishment
convolutionturn, winding, meandering
dauntintrepid, overwhelm, deter
deducecomprehend, figure out, assume
didacticteach moral lessons, pedantic, sermonizing
effetebored, tired, weak, lazy, unproductive, decadent
emaciatewasted, skinny, meager
emeticdisgorge, cause vomiting
ethnicgroup who retains customs, race
fallaciousmisleading, illogical, wrong
fidelitydevotion, accuracy, loyal
germanepertenant, fitting, relevanat
objurgatorypunish, to denounce harshly
nugatoryinconsequential, vain, worthless
repertoireinventory, list of pieces
pugnaciousagressive, quarllsome, war-like, belligerent
precociousprematur, ahead of age level
portentousweighty, fortellin, ominous, pompous
phlegmaticresembling, calm, apathetic
peremptoryassurance, commanding, dogmatic
paragonmodel of perfection, good example
mendaciousdeception, untruthful, dishonest
lasciviouswanton, lewd, lustful
intrinsicbasic, essential
injunctiondecree, order, admontion
inaneempty, silly, insignificant, stupid, empty space
heinousto hat, abominable, evil, odious, terrible
ossifyharden,callous or conventional
inconoclastone who destroys religion
mulctfine, defruad, swindle, robbed of
paritybalance, equality, similarity
rusticateto reside in country, ruralize
scintillatesparkle, gleam, glisten, shine
staidsober, sedate, grave, serious, correct, proper, decorous
superciliousarrogant, superior, overbearing, disdainful
synthesisfusion, combo of parts
undulatewavelike motion, poitch, volume, move, wiggle
urbanepolite and polished, suave, refined
vegetatedull life, live unthinkingly
venementpassionate, intense, forceful
vindictiverevenge, spiteful, mean, hateful

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