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Revision: 5.1 Showing Height on Maps - 5.4 Introducing Topographic Maps

Choropleth mapuses a range of shades of one colour to show a pattern
Contour Lineline drawn on a map that join places of equal height above sea level
Cross-Sectionshows the shape of a feature from the side, as if it had been sliced open with a knife
Peakthe pointed top of anything
Scaleindicates distances on the map compared with the actual area being shown
oblique viewa view from an angle or side
spot heightthe height at a particular location on a map
vertical aerial photographa plan view photo (from above)
EastingsLines that run north-south on a map
Northingslines that run east-west on a map
contour intervalthe vertical distance between the unlabelled lines
Orientationa compass direction
Legenda key to what the symbols and colours on the map stand for

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