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allegeto assert without proof or confirmation
arrantthoroughgoing, out and out, shameless
badinagelight and playful converstation
conciliateto overcome the dirtrust of, win over, to reconcile
countermandto cancel or reverse one order or command
echelonone of a series of levels or grades
exacerbateto make more violent, severe, bitter
fatuousstupid or foolish
irrefutablethat cannot be disproved
juggernauta massive adn inescapable force or object
lackadaisicallacking spirit or interest
litanyaprayer consisting of short appeals to god
macabregrisly, gruesome, horrible
melangea mixture
paucityan inadequate quantity
portendto indicate before hand htat somehting is about to happen
razeto tear down, destroy, shave or cut
recantto withdraw a statement
saturateto soak thoroughly, fill to capacity
saturnineof gloomy or surly disposition, cold or sluggish
sloughto cast off, dicard, to get rid of somehting
substantivepertaining to the essence of substance of somehting


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