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Word Processing Terms for Lesson 3

ALIGNMENTRefers to how printed information lines up to the document margins.
CENTERTo position information so its center is equal distance from the left & right margins.
JUSTIFYA type of alignment that inserts spacing between words & letters to make the right side even.
ATTRIBUTESFormatting that you apply to text or some other object.
BOLDA formatting attribute applied to characters that makes the letters thicker and darker.
ITALICSAn attrribute that makes the letters look slanted.
UNDERLINEAn attribute that adds a line below a letter or words.
FONTRefers to a particular set of characters in a particular size and style.
SERIFA decorative cross stroke that finishes off the ends of certain letters.
SAN SERIFA font lacking the decorative cross strokes.
SUPERSCRIPTSmaller size characters that appear ABOVE the normal text.
SUBSCRIPTSmaller size characters that appear BELOW NORMAL FORMATTED TEXT.
BULLETSA dot, box, check mark, or other small graphic used to set off each item in a list.
UNDOThis feature allows you to REVERSE a previous action.
NUMBERED LISTA feature that allows you to number each item on a list.
TWOSpaces after colon (:) used in a sentence.
SOFTWAREThe intangible instructions that tell the computer what to do.
HARDWAREThe tangible, physical equipment that can be seen and touched.
ONESpaces after a semicolon (;)
TWOSpaces after a period at the end of a sentence.
A DRIVEThe drive you save on when you save to your 3 1/2 inch floppy.
ONESpaces after a period used with an abbreviation.

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