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Poetry Terms and Examples

This will help you understand poetry
and after learning these you will be
able to write poetry better.

SimileA comparison using like or as
Metahora comparison where one thing is another
Personificationgiving human or living qualities to something not human.
Imagea word picture or mental picture of something not present or real.
Sensory LanguageAppeals to 5 senses
Allusionreference or mention of a persin or thing wich the reader is persumed to be familiar.
HyperboleExtreme exaggeration
Repititionreapeats the same line or phrase.
Alliterationusing the same sound to begin a series of words
Poetone who makes or fashions poems
Narrative BallodA storytelling poem
IdiomWords,phrases, or patterns of expression
Dialectwords of pronunciation of a paryicular group such as British
Slanginformal or substandered vocabulary.
Elegypoem commeratimg someones death.

Lindsey Jordan

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