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Jason Vocabulary

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atlasa collection of maps, named after the Mythical Greek titan who held the Earth on his shoulders.
isothermA line drawn on a map linking all points that have the same average temperature for a given period.
cyrosphereThe regions of the globe, both land and sea, that are permanently or seasonally covered by snow and ice.
precipitationWater droplets falling from atmospheric water vapor, in the form of rain, sleet, snow, or hail.
solar dayThe period between two successive passages of the sun through its highest point.
temperatureThe degree of hotness or coldness of the environment.
albedoThe percentage of solar energy reflected back by a surface. In Latin, albedo means "whiteness." White reflects!
atmosphereThe mass of gases that surrounds Earth and is held by Earth's gravitational field.
climateGeneral weather conditions expected in a given ares, usually based on the 30-year average weather. Mayu also be applied to large-scale weather patterns (e.g. and ice age climate, a tropical climate).
convectionThe transfer of heat by the movement of a substance from one position to another.Convection can be forced(as in the heating systems of many houses) or natural (as in the transter of heat in fluids-air, water and molten rock-due to density differences).
greenhouse gasesGases found in Earth's atmosphere, generally in small (or "trace") amounts, that absorb and retain heat. Important greenhouse gases include water vapor, carbon dioxide (CO2),methane (CH4), chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and nitrous oxide (N2O).
weatherCurrent atmospheric conditions such as temperature, rainfall, wind, and humidity.

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