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Activity 3-8

Semester 3 Chapter 8 Review Activities

Network PolicyCriteria that should be used to select network passwords
CostReason magnetic tape is used to backup data
WormA program that spreads across computers and reproduces copies of itself
Ping to test the loopback function on the NIC
TenRecommended maximum number of users in a peer-to-peer network
DocumentationThe least implemented component of network administration
Isolating transformerDevice that controls voltage spikes and HF noises
STP CableSolution to the problem of EMI/RFI effecting performance
SoftwareReport that would be used to determine what programs are installed on a computer
Gather dataFirst step in troubleshooting process
Software listingsWould not be found on security documentation
UnixOperating system that supports multi-user, multitasking, uses NFS security, and is kernel based
WorkgroupA peer-to-peer network
User policiesDocumentation that outlines what is and what is not permissible
Grounding strapUsed to reduce risks while working inside the computer
RAID 5Redundency technique that uses disk striping with parity - minimum of three disks
Network Operating SystemControls the resources and management of a client-server network
Systematic processType of process that describes network troubleshooting
Maintenance RecordUsed to keep a list of equipment repairs
DocumentationMost critical component of network administration
VirusProgram that has a negative effect on executable programs
IncrementalType of backup that stores all files that have been created and modified since last full backup

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