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World History Midterm Review 1-2

Questions for Mrs. Tyler's exam review over chapters one and two.

What does Mesopatamia mean?land between two rivers
What helped shape the history of Mesopatamia?climate, landscape
What is Hammurabi best remembered for?his code of justice
What did the Nile River provide their civilization with?product surplus of food, unified Egypt
What is the Phoenician culture best remembered for?alphabet
What does Judaism is a stateless religion mean?God is not fixed to one land, but creator and Lord of whole world
Why were Assyrians good at conquering others?good military leaders, different tactics (guerilla warfare/terror)
What were people who made weapons and jewelry called?artesians
What was created by using writing as a means of creative expression?literature???
What was Heinrich Schliemann obsessed with finding?lost city of Troy
Why was Amenhotep IV important?monotheistic Egyptian pharaoh
Who were the Immortals?Persian cavalry and infantry force that never fell below 10,000
How was bronze made?copper and tin
Who guards the great Pyramid?Great Sphynx
What did early civilizations use vegetable fibers for?cloth
What were the earliest tools made out of?iron
What was important to the development of Egyptian and Mesopatamian civilization?geography
What was the Code of Hammurabi based on?social class/justice
What did Cyrus allow the Hebrews to do?return to Jerusalem
What can be said about flooding in early civilzations?used to water crops/ they depended on it
What did Cyrus create?roads, and stronger government
What is the Epic of Gilgamesh about?Mesopatamian Noah and the Flood
When was the wheel invented?3,500-3,000 BC
What were city-states known as in the Sumerian civilization?basic unit of Sumerian civilization
What were the two main technological inventions of the Paleolithic peoples?fire and tools
What is theocracy?government by divine authority
What does monotheism mean?one God for all people


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