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World History Midterm review 5

Questions from Mrs. Tyler's exam review over chapter 5

What did Homer's works provide Greek men with?education in history
What was the family's main function in Athens?produce citizens
What happened to Socrates?killed for his beliefs
Who did Alexander try to imitate?Achilles
What is an oracle used for?revealing the future
What is arete?hero's strive for excellence gained in struggle or contest
How did Sparta see foreign ideas, travel, and visitors?they were bad
What is a polis?town, city, or village anad surrounding land where people met for political, social, and religious activities
What is ostracism?bannishing a harmful person from a city (used ostrakon, took a vote...)
What type of government did Greeks develop after tyranny?democracy
What id Archimedes establish in mathematics?pi
What is the Peloppenesian War?Athens vs. Sparta; Athenians stayed in city for 27 yrs., until Spartans stopped food supply
Why did Alexander want to defeat the Persian Empire?for the glory and to avenge the burning of Athen's
Who is Herodotus?father of history
What type of government did Aristotle believe was best?constitutional
What did Plato believe the ideal government was?rule by philosopher kings; a republic
What did Sophists believe was true wisdom?being able to percieve and pursue one's own good
What did Socrates say about real knowledge?present within each person
How did the mountains affect Greek civilization?isolated communities
What is democracy?rule by many
Who are tyrants?siezed power by force
What is philosophy?organized system of thought; "love of wisdom"
What does the Socratic method of teaching use?questions


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