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Chapter 2 Vocabulary Terms - Holt Environmental Science - Karen Arms

Living Things in Ecosystems - Chapter 2 Vocabulary Terms.

Abiotic FactorsNonliving parts of an ecosystem.
AdaptationAn inherited trait that increases an organism's chance of survival and reproduction in a certain environment.
Biotic FactorsLiving part of an ecosystem.
CoevolutionTwo or more species evolving in response to each other.
CommensalismRelationship between two species in which one species benifits and the other is neither harmed nor helped.
CommunityA group of interacting populations of different species.
CompetitionThe relationship between species that attempt to use the same limited resources.
EcosystemAll living organisms in a certain area as well as their physical environment.
EvolutionChange in the genetic characteristics of a population from one generation to the next.
ExtinctionThe irreversible disappearance of a population or a species.
HabitatPlace where an organism lives.
HostOrganism from which a parasite takes its nourishment.
MutualismA relationship between two species in which both benefit.
Natural SelectionTerm used to describe the unequal survival and reproduction of organisms that results from the presence or absence of particular inherited traits.
NicheAn organism's way of life.
OrganismAn individual living thing.
ParasitesOrganism that lives in or on another organism and feeds on it without immediately killing it.
ParasitismThe relationship between a parasite and its host.
PopulationA group of individuals of the same species living in a particular place.
PredationThe act of killing and eating another organism.
PredatorOrganism that kills and eats another organism.
PreyOrganism that is killed and eaten by a predator.
SpeciesA group of organisms that are able to produce fertile offspring and that resemble each other in apperance, behavior, and internal structure.

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