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The Peripheral Nervous System

Word Search

Dermatome"Skin sector"
MyotomeSkeletal muscle
Mixed Cranial NervesContains axon of a sensory and motor neurons
Sensory Cranial NervesConsist of sensory axons only
Motor Cranial NervesConsist of mainly motor axons
Olfactory NervesCarry information about sense of smell
Optic NervesCarry visual information
Oculomotor NerveFound in the third cranial nerve
Trochlear NerveHave origin in cells in the midbrain
Trigeminal NervesThe fifth pair of cranial nerves
Facial NerveAttached in the face and allows facial expressions
Vestibulocochlear NerveHas two major divisions: Vestibular Nerve and the Cochlear Nerve
Glossopharyngeal NerveSupplies fibers to the tongue and pharynx
Vagus NerveMeans "wanderer," contains sensory and motor fibers
Accesory NerveSome of its fibers originate in the Medulla
Hypoglossal NerveContains sensory fibers from the tongue
AcetylcholineStimulates effector cells by means of the neurotransmitter
ReflexA nerve impulse that passes over the reflex arc
Cranial ReflexThe response that the brain mediates
Spinal ReflexThe response that the spinal cord mediates

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