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Exam Physical Science

What is a wave?periodic back-and-forth motion that transmits energy
What are the two major types of waves?Transverse waves move back and forth; Longitudinal waves oscillate in the same direction
What is pitch?The effect of frequency on the way the ear perceives sound
What is the sound heard distinctlyh after being reflected from an object?Echo
What does the acronym SONAR stand for?Sound Navigation and Ranging
What color can be thought of as a mixture of all the colors of light?white
What color can be actually be thought of as an absence of all color?black
What are the two basic shapes of lenses?Convex -bulges outward (magnifies) Concave-hollowed inward (appear distant)
What is a three-dimensional image produced by a laser light?hologram
What is the speed of light in a vacumm in km/s?300,000 km/s
What is electrostatics?The study of the nature, behavior, and uses of static electricity
What are the two types of electric charges?Positive and negative
What method of charge transfer produces electric charges at a distance?Induction
What doughnut-shaped belts of charged particles exist in the earth's magnetosphere?Van Allen radiation belts
What is an electromagnet?a device that produces a strong magnetic field when electricity passes through it

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