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Sense Organs


Receptor PotentialA receptor develops in the receptor's membrane
Special SensesResponsible for smell, taste, vision, hearing, and equilibrium
General Sense OrganConsist of microscopic receptors widely distributed throughout the body
ThermoreceptorsActivated by a change in temperature
Krause's end bulbsOne of two secondary thermoreceptors
Ruffini's corpusclesOne of two secondary thermoreceptors
Root hair plexusesA web-like arrangement of free nerve endings
Merkel discsResponsible for mediating sensations to light touch
Pacinian corpusclesMediate sensations to crude touch
Meissner's corpuscleEgg-shaped mechanoreceptors
Muscle spindlesOne of two types of stretch receptors
Golgi tendon receptorsOne of two tyoes of stretch receptors
Gamma Motor neuronsCapable of contraction when stimulated by efferent impulses
alpha motor NeuronsStimulated to contract by effernt impulses
Eplithelial support cellsYellow in color and make up olfactory epithelial
Basal cellsReplace chemoreceptors on a regular basis
Granule cellsRapid adaptation of olfactory sensations
Taste BudsSense organs on the back of the tongue
GustatoryAlso known as taste stimuli
papillaeSmall elevated projections on the tongue

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