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Greek and Latin Units 17 - 20 Vocabulary Matching Game (all 61 words)

Play this game to prepare for a test over the words from Units 17 through 20 of Mastering Vocabulary.

epidermisthe outer protective layer of skin
herbicidea substance used to kill plants (weeds)
postnatalof or occurring after birth
terrainland, ground, earth
videlicet"see" that it is permissible; namely
retrovirusa virus that works backward
orthodontiathe practice of making teeth straight or right
morphologistone who studies the forms of things
subsonicrelating to speeds slower than sound
posthumousoccurring after death
metamorphosisa change in form
orthographyspelling; "writing straight"
doctrinea principle or system taught for acceptance and belief
flamboyanthighly elaborate; having wavy lines and flame-like form
mediterraneansurrounded nearly or completely by dry land; in the middle of land
ambidextrousable to use both hands equally well
magnanimousunselfish; incredibly courageous in mind and heart
documentarya film that teaches (usually about a particular person or event)
animation"bringing to life"; drawings "brought to life"
erroneouswrong; incorrect; mistaken
amnesiacone who has no memory or has lost some memory
ambiguouscapable of being understood in more than one way; both ways
mediocreordinary; middle of the road
mnemonicassisting memory
errataerrors, mistakes
florescencea state or period of being in bloom
egotistone who is devoted to his/her own interests and advancement
heteronymone of two or more words with identical spellings but different meanings and pronunciations (for example, project, read, conduct, bow, wind, tear, progress)
iatrogenichealing induced by a physician's manner, activity, therapy
malevolencethe quality of wishing harm on someone
proclamationan announcement; a crying out
psychosomatica disorder with physical symptoms but originates from mental or emotional causes
pediatricsmedicine concerning children
heterodoxof different or unusual opinions and beliefs
somatogenicoriginating in the cells of the human body; not mental
reclamationthe restoration to a former self or condition
rectifyto make or set right
egomaniaan excitement or enthusiasm induced by oneself
geriatrica branch of medicine dealing with the problems and diseases of old age and aging
somaticpertaining to the body
impendingabout to happen; hanging or suspended
volitionchoice; will
disclaimto deny or disown
advocateone who pleads another's case
deciduousfalling off at the end of a period of growth, like leaves
descendantproceeding from an ancestor or source, "to climb back"
precludeto make impossible, to prevent, to "shut out"
supersonicabove the normal speed of sound
equivocateto use misleading language; equally calling out
supernumeraryexceeding the usual or required number
ascendgo upwards
claustrophobiafear of closed-in spaces
cyclicalthat which goes around
cadencea fall in pitch; rhythm
bellicosewar-like; angry
belligerenthostile; waging war
infallibleincapable of error or making a mistake
vociferousnoisy; (speaking) loudly
diapasonfull tonal range; "through all the tones"
appendagesomething that hangs from the body (arms and legs)
visionaryone who sees vivid pictures from imagination, the future

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