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Robust Vocab Review Concetration

hystericalsomeone who is in a panic or very excited
counteractedwhen you act in an opposite manner to prevent the effect of something
ecstaticextremely happy
haphazardlysomething that is not well planned out
cockyoverly confident
inquireto ask for information
tormentedto be extremely troubled by something
surveyto look around and consider it carefully
stabilizeto make something less likely to move in response to an outside force
replicaan exact model or copy of something
exertsto put pressure on something
remediessomething used to cure an illness
luxurya pleasure item that is not necessary
gingerlyto approach something cautiously
triumphantwhen you achieve a goal
intensesomething that exists with great strength
crestfalledsad or disappointed
haywireto be wildly out of control
fusedwhen two or more objects are joined to become one
disbandedwhen a groups members stop working together
hoveredwhen something is in the same place in the air without moving
rankfoul smell or taste
intonationthe rise or fall of any sound
suppleable to bend or move easily without breaking
convinceto persuade someone of something
rejectedto turn down or not accept
pleato ask for something in an emotional or intense way
terminalcannot be cured
rendezvouswhen you arrange to meet someone at a certain time and place
bearablesomething you can put up with

6th grade reading
Union City Area Middle School

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