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Aeneid Vocabulary List #4

adtoward, to, near, about
altushigh, lofty, deep
ardeoburn, be eager
arvumplowed land, field, region
campusplain, field, level surface
clamorshout, roar, applause
cunctusall, whole, entire
deusgod, divinity, deity
ducolead, draw, protract, produce
errosray, wander, err
fatumfate, destine, doom, oracle
forschance, fortrune, hap
fugioflee, escape, shun
genitorbegetter, sire, father
haudnot, by no means, not at all
honoshonor, glory, reward, offering
immanishuge, monstrous, enormous, mighty
ingensenormous, mighty, huge
ipseintensive selves
laboslabor, hardship, task
laetushappy, fertile, fat, sleek
matermother, dam, matron
moeniawalls, city, structurs
moveomove, ponder
navisship, boat, vessel, galley
orashore, coast, region, border
paroprepare, make
piusdevoted, loyal righteous
portusport, harbor, haven
reginaqueen, royal
ruofall, rush, sink, plow
sedbut, moreover, however
siwhether, if, in case that
stostand, halt, endure, stick
suireflexive 3rd person pron
surgoraise, arise, spring up
tectumroof, house, home, abode
tristissad, unhappy, dreary, fatal
umbrashade, shadow, ghost
urbscity, town
vastusdesolate, vast, enormous
videosee, preceive, apear, seem
volvorevolve, roll, unroll, undergo

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