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Latin 1B - Stage 16 Vocabulary A

Drill over half the vocab.

bonus, bona, bonumgood
consentio, consentIre, consEnsi, consensusI agree
consilium (N)plan
delecto, delectare, delectavi, delectatusI delight
derideo, deridEre, derisi, derisusI make fun of, I mock
flos, florem (M)flower
paratus, parata, paratumprepared, ready
pono, ponere, posui, positusI place, I put
punio, punIre, punivi, punitusI punish
salto, saltare, saltavi, saltatusI dance
simulac, simulatqueas soon as
tollo, tollere, sustuli, sublatusI raise, lift up
verto, vertere, verti, versusI turn

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Dripping Springs High School
Austin, TX

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