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Cellular Sensation

Unit 9

mitosiscells divide to make identical copies of themselves
chromosomea long strand of DNA
centromerethe attachment point of the 2 chromatids
chromatidone piece of DNA with its supporting proteins
interphasethe first and longest phase of Mitosis
prophasethe second phase of mitosis
metaphasethe third and resting phases of mitosis
anaphasethe fourth phase of mitosis
telophasethe fifth and final phase of mitosis when the cells actually physically separate into 2 new cells
cellthe smallest unit that can perform all life processes
prokaryotecells without a nucleus
eukaryotecells with a cell nucleus and make up most living organisms that are multi-cellular
multi cellularhave more than one cell
unicellularhave one cell, usually bacteria
Anton van Leeuwenhoekscientist who discovered bacteria
Robert Hookescientist who named the cell
Matthias Schleidenscientists who found that all plants are made of cells
Theodor Schwannscientist who found all animals are made of cells
Rudolph Virchowscientist who found all living cells come from other living cells
microscopea piece of science equipment that is used to see cells and other tiny objects

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