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Geometry Vocabulary (Saxon 4 thru Lesson 82)

Saxon Math 4 - Numbers after the term refer to the Saxon Lesson Number (Alex Glasser, SMES)

acute triange (78)A triangle whose largest angle measures less than 90°.
angle (23)The opening that is formed when two lines, line segments, or rays intersect.
clockwise (75)The same direction as the movement of a clock’s hands.
congruent (66)Having the same size and shape.
counterclockwise (75)The OPPOSITE direction as the movement of a clock’s hands.
decagon (63)A polygon with ten sides.
flip (73)Flipping a figure to produce a mirror image.
full turn (75)A turn measuring 360°.
half turn (75)A turn measuring 180°.
hexagon (63)A polygon with six sides.
line of symmetry (79)A line that divides a figure into two halves that are mirror images of each other
obtuse triange (78)A triangle whose largest angle measures more than 90° and less than 180°.
octagon (63)A polygon with eight sides.
orientation (73)Position of a figure.
pentagon (63)A polygon with five sides.
polygon (63)A closed, flat shape with straight sides.
quadrilateral (63)Any four-sided polygon.
quarter turn (75)A turn measuring 90°.
reflection (73)Flipping a figure to produce a mirror image.
regular polygon (63)A polygon in which all sides have equal lengths and all angles have equal measures.
right angle (81)An angle that forms a square corner and measures 90°. It is often marked with a small square.
right triange (78)A triangle whose largest angle measures 90°.
rotation (73)Turning a figure about a specified point called the center of rotation.
similar (66)Having the same shape but not necessarily the same size.
straight angle (81)An angle that measures 180° and thus forms a straight line.
symmetry (79)Correspondence in size and shape on either side of a dividing line,
tessalation (82)line. This type of symmetry is known as reflective symmet
transformations (73)The repeated use of shapes to fill a flat surface without gaps or
translation (73)Sliding a figure from one position to another without turning or flipping the figure.
triangle (63)A polygon with three sides and three angles.
turn (73)Rotation of a figure
vertex (63)(Plural: vertices ) A point of an angle, polygon, or solid where two or more lines, rays, or segments meet.
isosceles triangle (78)A triangle with at least two sides of equal length and two angles of equal measure.
oblique (23)Slanted or sloping; not horizontal or vertical.
parallel lines (23)Lines that stay the same distance apart; lines that do not cross.
scalene triangle (78)A triangle with three sides of different lengths.
side (73)A line segment that is part of a polygon.
Vertical (23)Upright; perpendicular to horizontal.

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