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"Hatchet": word Definitions

Word Definitions

consumingusing, as in eating or drinking
audibleable to be heard
turbulencedisturbed, in commotion - turbulent weather
wrenchingviolent twisting, pulling, or tearing off
altimeteraeronautical device for showing height above sea level
panicsudden fright or alarm leading to hasty actions
clammymoist, and sticky or slimy
commercialmoney-making, as in 'commercial cleaners'
glacierslowly moving river or mass of ice
charcoalblack left-over of partly burnt wood
mattedtangled tightly, as in hair
slitherto slide out of control; he slithered down the hill
igniteto set fire to something
dormantlying still, as if sleeping
compriseinclude, consist of; the house comprises nine rooms
heftto push, usually something heavy
motivereason for doing or thinking something
refractto deflect the angle of light as it enters another density, into water, air or gas
rectifyto make things right again
impaireddamaged or weakened
sarcasmnasty remark or taunt
fragiledelicate, or easily broken
carpa fresh-water fish
grimaceto make a face showing annoyance
incessantnever stopping
fuselageframework or body of an aeroplane
exhaustiontotal loss of strength
unwittinglywithout knowing
rivetsnails or bolts for holding together metal plates

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