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Introducing Windows 98 Vocabulary Words

These words are associated with the Windows 98 Operating system.

backupa copy of a file or diskette
bootingthe process by which Windows 98 is loaded
buttona dialog box that initiates and action when clicked
clickingquickly pressing and releasing the left mouse button
commandspeform specific tasks and actions
copyingcreates an exact copy of an original file
desktopthe computer screen that has the Start buttong, taskbar and icons
Disk Operating Systemallows the user to communicate with the computer
documentthe material you create using an application
double-clickingpressing the left mouse button twice in rapid succession
drag and dropcopying or moving objects by dragging them to a new location
draggingholding down the left mouse button while moving the mouse
filea document stored on disk
folderorganizes and stores related files
formattingpreparing a diskette to receive data
GUI (Graphical User Interface)a program that uses icons to perform tasks
icona picture on the screen used to run programs
mouseinput device used to move the mouse pointer
movingremoves a file or folder and moves it elsewhere
pointingmoving the mouse to place the pointer
read-onlya file that cannot be changed
recycle binstores deleted files that may be recovered
right-clickingclicking the right mouse button once
selectingclicking on an object on the screen
start buttonwhen clicked, displays a list of commands
taskbardisplays a button for each open program
toolbarcontains shortcuts for commonly used actions
windowarea of the screen that contains an open program
Windows 98operating system that uses a GUI system

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