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Scientific Inquiry and Skills Ch. 8 LE Review

A Brief Review of the Living Environment
Prentice Hall

assumptionsomething accepted as true that may or may not actually be true
biasa tendency to favor something; prejudice
conclusionthe decision made about the outcome of an experiment; usually based on how well the actual result matches the predicted result
controlthat group in an experiment in which everything - except the variable to be tested - is identical; the standard of comparison in an experiment
controlled experimentan experiment in which all variables - except the one being tested - are exactly the same
datathe results of specific trials or tests completed during experiments, information
dependent variablethe part of an experiment that is changed to test a hypothesis
evidencesupport for the idea that something is true
experimenta series of trials or tests that are done to support or refute a hypothesis
hypothesisa statement that predicts a relationship between cause and effect in a way that can be tested
independent variablea factor that might influence the dependent variable in an experiment
inferencea conclusion or deduction based on observations
modela representation used to explain or demonstrate a process or structure; also used to predict what might occur in a new situation
observationany information that is collected with any of the senses
opinionideas that people have that may or may not be based in fact
scientific literacya basic knowledge of the natural world combined with an understanding of the diverse ways that scientists gain knowledge
peer reviewthe process by which scientists carefully examine the work of other scientists to look for possible flaws in their experimental design or their interpretation of results
research planthe initial stage of an experiment that involves finding background information, developing a hypothesis, and devising an experimental method for testing the hypothesis

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