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Shop Safety

These flashcards are designed to assist you in learning shop safety rules to prepare you for your shop safety test. You must pass this test with 100%.

used to indicate danger, location, help with organization, and make the shop a better work place.color codes
Red color codeDanger
Yellow color codecaution
orange color codewarning
green color codesafety
blue color codeinformation
white color codedirection
proper protectionleather gloves, safety glasses, and leather boots
proper clothinglong pants and long sleeves(coveralls are best)
optional protection from soundear plugs
Fire triangleconsists of fuel:combustables, oxyen:needed for fire to burn, Heat:Energy causing temp to rise
Class A fireordinary combustables
Class B fireflammable liquids
Class C fireelectrical fire
Water pump or gas pressure extinguisherputs out class A fires
Carbon dioxide gas extinguisherputs out Class B and C fires
Dry chemical extinguisherputs out class A, B, and C fires
Foam extinguisherputs out class A and B
blanketused to smother fires on humans or animals
P.A.S.S.Pull pin on extinguisher, Aim at base of fire, Squeeze the lever, Sweep side to side
________all shop equipmentrespect
never opperate equipment without______instruction
be in a ________area to weldventilated
cut off saw ruleshave clamps in place, no cracked blades, never red light machine, unplug before blade change
Arc welder rulesuse #10 helmet, never weld in wet areas
before welding say...Cover!
should always be at full speed before use, and wear glovesbench grinder
what should always been done with cylinders before movingchained and capped
Oxyacetylenenever exeed 15 psi on acetylene and 40 psi on oxygen
work should be grounded before using what?plasma torch
what should you do before fixing or leaving equipmentshut it off!!

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