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CLC Stage 29 Vocabulary

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alii . . . aliisome . . . others
amplexus, amplexa, amplexumhaving embraced
audacia, audaciaeboldness, audacity
carmen, carminissong
circumvenio, circumvenire, circumveni, circumventussurround
corona, coronaegarland, wreath
cursus, cursuscourse, flight
defessus, defessa, defessumexhausted, tired out
dolor, dolorisgrief, pain
ferrum, ferriiron, sword
incedo, incedere, incessimarch, stride
liberi, liberorumchildren
lux, lucislight, daylight
malo, malle, maluiprefer
obscurus, obscura, obscurumdark, gloomy
odiI hate
perficio, perficere, perfeci, perfectusfinish
populus, populipeople
quies, quietisrest
reduco, reducere, reduxi, reductuslead back
salus, salutissafety, health
scelus, sceleriscrime
servio, servire, serviviserve (as a slave)
sors, sortislot
sperno, spernere, sprevi, spretusdespise, reject
undiqueon all sides
vester, vestra, vestrumyour (plural)
vivus, viva, vivumalive, living

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