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Scientific Method Games

Play the matching game to test your knowledge of the steps of the Scientific Method!!

QuestionThe 1st step of the scientific method
HypothesisThe 2nd step of the scientific method
TestThe 3rd step of the scientific method
ResultsThe 4th step of the scientific method
ConclusionsThe 5th step of the scientific method
CommunicateThe 6th step of the scientific method
Question.what you wonder about - this step "gets the ball rolling" educated guess that gives an experiment direction
Test.planning and trying the experiment
Results.recording what happens in the experiment
Conclusions.figuring out or interpreting what the results mean
Communicate.sharing results with other scientists
QuestionBobby wonders if talking to flowers helps them grow
HypothesisBobby guesses that talking to flowers will help them grow because of the carbon dioxide you breathe out
TestBobby writes the procedure he will follow and performs his experiment
ResultsBobby records the height of the flowers over 4 weeks: both flowers grew 3 inches
ConclusionsBobby sees that both flowers grew the same amount, so he figures that talking to the flowers does not make a difference
CommunicateBobby tells his science class about the results of his experiment

OTTER CLUSTER ~ 6th Grade Science
Thomas A. Blake Middle School

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