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Vocab Section 6

Vocabulary for Section 6

brusqueabrubt, blunt, with no formalities
demagoguea leader who expoits popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power
cajoleto coax, persuade through flattery or artifice; to deceive with soothing thoughts or false promises
ennuiweariness and discontent from lack of occupation or interest, boredom
anomalousabnormal, irregular, departing from the usual
contriveto plan with ingenuity, invent; to bring about as the result of a scheme or plan
disabuseto free from deception or error, set right in ideas or thinking
arbiterone having power to decide a matter at issue; a judge, umpire
bizarreextremely strange, unusual, atypical
castigateto punish severly; criticize severely
aspersiona damaging or derogatory statement; the act of slandering or defaming
megalomaniaa delusion marked by a feeling of power, wealth, talent, etc., far in excess of reality
surreptitiousstealthy, secret, intended to escape observation; made or accomplished by fraud
transmuteto change from one nature, substance, or form another; to transform
immutablenot subject to change, constant
transgressto go beyond a limit or boundary; to sin, violate a law
heinousvery wicked, offensive, hateful
insurgentrising in revolt, refusing to accept authority; surging or rushing in or on
fettera chaing or shackle placed on the feet; anything that confines or restrains
vicariousperformed, suffered, or otherwise experienced by one person in place of another

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