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Lesson 1/Exercise 1-3

OVERVIEW: Match the terms with the definitions

SubunitA case unit is _______ of a case
CaseMade up of one or more case units
Workpaper fileDocuments relating to an audit are organized in folders and stored here
EncryptedTo ensure security, files are________.
EventRecorded each time an action is completed
Case UnitRepresents one taxpayer for one tax year
DisclosureExposing information without authorization
Event LogDetails of events and progress
SecurityThe reason pass files are encrypted
PrimaryOne case unit acts as a _______case unit
FloppyDo not save work on this type of disk
WorkpaperStorage file for audit work
Task PlanDetailed audit plan created for each case unit
TeamOne or more persons assigned to a case/case unit
Bottom DrawerStorage area for research and personal materials
PASSPass Through entity audit Screening and Support system
CICOCheck-In /Check- Out
AMOAudit Modeling organization
Non-Pass TimeMiscellaneous time not related to production

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