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Vocabulary Words for Greek and Latin Units 1 - 4 Test - Part Four (15 words)

Play this game to prepare for a test over vocabulary words with Greek and Latin word parts from Units 1 - 4.

philanthropylove for mankind
polygamyunion of many spouses
telemetera device for measuring objects that are far away
graphologystudy of handwriting
cryptonymsecret (hidden) name
bigamyhaving two marriages
eponymnamed for itself
matricideto kill one's mother
monarchyone ruler; rule by one
epidemicsomething that people infect each other with (usually a disease)
monogamyact of having one marriage
demographythe science of recording people
polynomialconsisting of more than two names or terms
anthropologista person who studies man(kind)
aristocracyrule by the highest social class
telephonytransmission of sound through distant points

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