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anti-static bagBag made of anti-static plastic into which electronics are placed for temporary or long-term storage. Used to protect components from electrostatic discharge.
anti-static matSpecial surface on which to lay electronics. These mats come with a grounding connection designed to equalize electrical potential between a workbench and one or more electronic devices. Used to prevent electrostatic discharge.
anti-static wrist strapSpecial device worn around the wrist with a grounding connection designed to equalize electrical potential between a technician and an electronic device. Used to prevent electrostatic discharge.
assertive communicationMeans of communication that is not pushy or bossy but is also not soft. Useful in dealing with upset customers as it both defuses their anger and gives them confidence that you know what you're doing.
electromagnetic interference (EMI)Electrical interference from one device to another, resulting in poor performance of the device being interfered with. Examples: Static on your TV while running a blow dryer, or placing two monitors too close together and getting a "shaky" screen.
electrostatic discharge (ESD)Movement of electrons from one body to another. A real menace to PCs, as it can cause permanent damage to semiconductors.
eliciting answersCommunication strategy designed to help techs understand a user's problems better. Works by listening to a user's description of a problem and then asking cogent questions.
Ethic of ReciprocityGolden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
honestyTelling the truth - a very important thing for a tech to do.
integrityAlways doing the right thing.
passwordsKey used to verify a user's identity on a secure computer or network.
Phillips-head screwdriverMost important part of a PC tech's toolkit.
potentialAmount of static electricity stored by an object.
radio frequency interference (RFI)Another form of electrical interference caused by radio-wave emitting devices, such as cell phones, wireless network cards, and microwave ovens.
resistorAny material or device that impedes the flow of electrons. Electronic resistors measure their resistance (impedance) in ohms. See ohm(s).
respectWhat all techs should feel for their customers.
tech toolkitTools a PC tech should never be without, including a Phillips-head screwdriver, a pair of tweezers, a flat-head screwdriver, a hemostat, a Torx wrench, a parts retriever, and a nut driver or two.

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