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Unit 3 Vocabulary Review

Earth Science

cratera bowl shaped depression that forms around the central vent at the top of the volcano
calderaa larger crater that can form when the summit or side of a volcano collapses into the magma chamber during or after an eruption
cinder cone volcanoa steep-sided generally small volcano; made when cinders are ejected high into the air
composite volcanoa large volcano built by alternating layers of cinders and lava
shield volcanoa broad volcano with gently sloping sides built by non-explosive erruptions of lava
ventopening in the top of the volcano through which the lava erupts
basaltic magmalow viscosity, non-explosive magma
andesitic magmamedium viscosity, medium explosive magma
rhyolitic magmahigh viscosity, explosive magma
viscositythe internal resistance to flow
lavawhen magma reaches the surface
epicenterthe point on the Earth's surface directly above the focus of the earthquake
faultthe fracture or system of fractures along which movement occurs
focusthe point under the surface where the earthquake originates
primary waveseismic waves that squeeze and pull the rock in the same direction that wave travels, causing the rock particles to move back and forth
secondary waveseismic wave that causes rock particles to move at right angles to the direction of the wave
seismograminstrument used to measure motion during an earthquake

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