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2.1 Ecology and Levels of Organization FLASHCARDS

The study of the interactions between organisms and their environment is called ___.ecology
The combined parts of the Earth that contain life is called ____.the biosphere
If two animals can breed together and produce fertile offspring, they are members of the same ___.species
A group of organisms that belong to the same species and live (and interact) in the same general area is called a(n) ____.population
A group made up of all the different species living (and interacting) in the same area is called a(n)
The living and non-living things that interact in a certain area make up a(n) ____.ecosystem
A group of ecosystems found in different parts of the world but having the same climate and rainfall patterns is called a(n) ______.biome
For two organisms to be considered members of the same species, they must be able to mate and _________________.produce fertile offspring
The _____ parts of an ecosystem are the living components of the ecosystem.biotic
The _____ parts of an ecosystem are the non-living components of the ecosystem.abiotic

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