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Chapter 29 vocabulary (ALL)

f?lia, -ae (f)daughter
flamma, -ae (f)flame
?ra, -ae (f)anger
lect?ca, -ae (f)litter
pecunia, -ae (f)money
poeta, -ae (m)poet
via, -ae (f)road, street, way
liber, libr? (m)book
porcus, -? (m)pig
puer, puer? (m)boy
servus, -? (m)slave
vir, vir? (m)man
vehiculum, -? (n)vehicle
homo, hominis (m)man, person
m?les, m?litis (m)soldier
mulier, mulieris (f)woman
multitudo, multitudinis (f)multitude
onus, oneris (n)load, burden
manus, -us (f)hand
exclamo, -are, -av?, -atusto exclaim, shout out
fest?no, -are, -av?, -atusto hurry
paro, -are, -av?, -atusto prepare
porto, -are, -av?, -atusto carry
recito, -are, -av?, -atusto recite
v?to, -are, -av?, -atusto avoid
video, videre, v?d?, visusto see
curro, currere, cucurr?, cursusto run
descendo, descendere, descend?, descensusto climb down
gemo, gemere, gemu?, gemitusto groan
lego, legere, leg?, lectusto read
peto, petere, pet?v?, pet?tusto look for, seek
conspicio, conspicere, conspex?, conspectusto catch sight of
effugio, effugere, effug?, ---to escape, run away
advenio, adven?re, adven?, adventusto reach, arrive
possum, posse, potu?, ---to be able
inquithe/she says/said
a / abfrom, away from, by
dedown from, about, concerning
e / exout of, from
alius, -a, -umother
alter, altera, alteruma second, the other
commotus, -a,- ummoved, upset
ingens, ingentishuge
obesus, -a, -umfat
omnis, -is, -eall, every
parvulus, -a, -umsmall
duo, duae, duotwo
unus, -a, -umone
ille, illa, illudthat
ipse, ipsa, ipsumhimself, herself, itself, very
is, ea, idhe/she/it
enim / namfor (conjunction)
deindethen, next
frustrain vain
interdiuduring the day
paulisperfor a short time
tandemfinally, at last
tumthen, at that moment
summa celeritatewith the greatest speed
brev? temporein a short time
eo ipso temporeat that very moment
Cave! / Cavete!Beware! Be careful!

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