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Some words in our language, called contractions, are really two words joined together so that not all of the sounds are heard. Match each contraction with the two words that make up the contraction.

let'slet us
didn'tdid not
it'sit is
won'twill not
that'sthat is
can'tcan not
wasn'twas not
isn'tis not
hadn'thad not
don'tdo not
I'llI will
we'llwe will
I'veI have
he'llhe will
hasn'thas not
haven'thave not
aren'tare not
I'mI am
he'she is
we'rewe are
you'reyou are
what'swhat is
there'sthere is
she'sshe is
wouldn'twould not
she'llshe will
here'shere is
ain'tam not
couldn'tcould not
they'rethey are
they'dthey would
you'llyou will
she'dshe would
weren'twere not
I'dI would
you'veyou have
you'dyou would
we'dwe would
they'llthey will
we'vewe have
who'llwho will
he'dhe would
doesn'tdoes not
where'swhere is
they'vethey have

Sabra Minter

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