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Persian Wars and Peloponnesian War Quiz

MarathonAthens won a surprise victory here using hand to hand combat.
Delian Leagueled by Athens, created as an alliance of Greek city-states against Persia.
In a ______________, citizens take part in the daily affairs of government.Direct Democracy
JuryCitizens who serve on a ________ make the final judgement in a trial.
The ____________ ended the Athenian greatness.Peloponnesian War
The _________ was constructed by Pericles on the acropolis of Athens.Parthenon
The __________ was a series of battles between the Persian Empire and the Greek city-states.Persian War
At the battle of ____, the Athenian navy used underwater battering rams to defeat the Persian navy.Salamis
The ______________ was formed by Sparta and several other Greek city-states to counter the Delian League.Peloponnesian League
Macedonia_________replaced Athens as the most powerful city-state in Greece after the Peloponnesian War.
_____felt that people who did not take part in public affairs were useless.Pericles
An _________ is an agreement between two nations.alliance
Persia_________helped Sparta defeat Athens.
One result of the Peloponnesian War was that _________.Athenian greatness ended
A _______ struck Athens, and it killed 1/3 of the population.plague
What impact did Pericles and Aspasia have on life in Athens?They made it the cultural center of Greece.
_______________ describes the Age of PericlesA time where Athens flourished, became wealthier, and became more democratic.
The Delian League was formed to __________.guard against attacks from Persia.

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