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Chapter 9 Checking Accounts

A(n) _________ is a banking service in which a customer deposits money and writes checks to withdraw at his or her convenience.checking account
An account on which the depositor can demand money at any time is known as ademand deposit
occurs when a depositor writes a check on an account that is insufficient to cover a check.overdraft
The person to whom a check is made payable is called thepayee
The person authorized to write checks on an account is called thedrawer/maker
A(n) _________ endorsement requires two signatures.joint
Paper money in the form of dollar bills, fives, tens, and so oncurrency
the record of checks written and deposits made in a checking account, kept by the depositor.checkbook register
A(n) _________ is sent by the bank regularly, listing checks and deposits processed by the bank, as well as charges and credits to an statement
A(n) _________ check is one that has been processed by the bank and has been subtracted from the depositor’s account.canceled
The payee simply signing his or her name as it appears on the front of the check is making a(n) _________endorsement.blank
A(n) _________ endorsement, such as “For Deposit Only,” limits the negotiability of a check.restrictive
cards provide immediate deductions from your checking account when you make a purchase.debit
Checking accounts at credit unions are calledshare accounts
To write a check when you know there are temporarily not enough funds to cover the check is calledfloating a check
a check guaranteed by the bank.certified check
A check drawn against the bank’s own funds is acashier's check
The process of matching your checkbook register with the bank statement is calledreconciliation
A request to the bank not to cash a check is astop payment order
An endorsement signing a check over to a third person is aspecial endorsement

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