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2.6 The Carbon Cycle

Which gas is given off by decomposers as they decompose dead organisms?carbon dioxide (because they are getting energy from the dead organisms through cellular respiration)
Which two molecules are given off when organisms burn food for energy through the process of cellular respiration?carbon dioxide and water
Which two substances are required by producers in order to conduct photosynthesis?carbon dioxide and water (which are converted to food and oxygen during photosynthesis)
Carbon dioxide and water are ____ during photosynthesis.required
Carbon dioxide and water are ___ during cellular respiration.produced
Photosynthesis is pretty much the exact opposite process of ___.cellular respiration (photosynthesis requires energy to make food from carbon dioxide and water while cellular respiration burns food using oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water along with energy)
Where in the carbon cycle is carbon stored in a process that took millions of years to build up?Carbon took millions of years to build up underground as fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. Unfortunately, it is now being released back into the atmosphere quickly over the last two hundred years as we've started burning the fossil fuels for energy)
Which 3 human activities are most responsible for the recent increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?Burning fossil fuels, clearing forests by burning them, and industrial processes.,
In what form is carbon returned to the atmosphere when fuels, such as the food we eat or the gas we use in our cars, are burned for energy?carbon dioxide
___________ molecules are molecules with a carbon backbone that were made inside living organisms.Organic (They must also have hydrogen in them to be considered organic. They can also have other elements. Carbon dioxide is not considered to be an organic molecule even though it is made inside cells during cellular respiration because it doesn't contain hydrogen also)
Which biological process takes carbon out of the atmosphere and turns it into food?Photosynthesis
Which process releases carbon back into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide when organisms burn their food for energy?Cellular respiration
The shells of sea creatures and a type of rock called limestone both store carbon in the form of ________.calcium carbonate
Burial of dead organisms under high pressure for long periods of time takes carbon out of the carbon cycle and stores it in ______.fossil fuels (like coal, gas, and oil)
Carbon is taken out of the atmosphere when carbon dioxide dissolves in _____.water (The oceans store a lot carbon dioxide, but as they warm up, they won't be able to store as much because warm water can't hold as much carbon dioxide as cold water. Think about warm sodas going flat.
Which greenhouse gas do volcanoes release into the atmosphere?carbon dioxide
If food (which contains carbon) isn't used by an organism to _____, the carbon will not be passed up the ______ but will instead be released into the atmosphere as ____ when the organism burns the food for energy.grow, food chain, carbon dioxide

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