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2.9 Classification of Living Things

When writing a scientific name, what is capitalized and what font style is used?Only the first letter of the genus name is capitalized. Italics are used for all letters.
The scientific name is composed of the organism's ______ name and _____ name.genus and species name
Felis catus and Felis concolour belong to the same ____.They belong to the same genus, but not species. Since they belong to the same genus, they automatically belong to the same family, order, class, phylum, kingdom and domain also.
Put the following terms in order from largest group to smallest as far as the number of species that belong to each: Class, Family, Genus, Kingdom, Order, Phylum, Species,Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species (Remember the phrase, "Did King Phillips court order fresh grilled salmon?"
A genus is composed of a number of related ____.species
An order is composed of a number of related ____.families
A phylum is composed of a number of related ____., Audio classes
Cat is a _______ name that is different from country to country or language to language but Felis catus is a _______ name that is used by all scientists throughout the world.common, scientific
What genus does Ursus maritimus belong in?Ursus (the first part of a scientific name is always the name of the genus to which the organism belongs)
Homo sapien belongs to which species?sapien (the second name of the scientific name is always the species name to which the organism belongs)
The animals Panthera leo (lion) and _____ tigris (tiger) belong to the same genus.Panthera
Similar genes and DNA are evidence of _____.recent common ancestry
The more recently two different species shared a common ______, the more closely related they are.ancestor
An example of a fungus that is usually found as a unicellular (single-celled) organism is _____.yeast
Most protists are ______-celled organisms.single-celled (unicellular)
Protists are considered to have ______ cells.eukaryotic (because their cells have a nucleus that stores the DNA)
What is the major characteristic that all protists have in common?They don't really have anything in common that makes them a protist. The reason they are classified as protists is that they don't really fit into any of the other kingdoms.
What is an example of a multicellular protist?Algae (a.k.a. seaweed if it's found in the ocean. Single-celled photosynthetic protists can be referred to as single-celled algae)
Which feeding mode do members of the Protist kingdom employ?Both. Some are heterotrophic (a.k.a. consumers) while others like algae are autotrophic (a.k.a. producers)
What are the three things that all fungi have in common?They are consumers with cell walls and have eukaryotic cell structure., Audio
What is the role of most fungi in nature?Decomposers
Where do fungi digest their food?Outside their bodies by secreting digestive enzymes onto their food
What do all members of the animal kingdom have in common?They are multicellular heterotrophs and their cells have no cell walls.
Which kingdom do the organisms below belong to?, Fungi (aka - fungus),
What is the main advantage of using Latin-based scientific names to name organisms?The same name is used by all scientists, no matter what language they speak.

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