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The Sign of the Beaver - chapters 14-18

by Speare

What stories did Matt read to Attean after finishing CrusoeBible stories
What animal did the boys see on their greatest adventurea mama bear
What animal did they see before the mama bearbaby bear
What did Matt throw at the bearthe rabbit that he caught
What did Attean do after Matt threw the rabbithe shot an arrow at the bear
Where did Attean's first arrow hit the bearbetween his eyes
Where did thesecond arrow hitbelow the bears shoulder
What did Attean and Matt do after the arrows were shotthrust their knives in the bear
What did Atean tell the bear after it was dead?that he did not want to kill the bear
Who was going to carry the dead bear backthe squaw
Why did Matt get the bloody rabbitbecause Indians do not waste food
How did Attean look after the bear was killedhe had a hideously painted face
Where did Attean take Matt the night that the bear was killedto his Indian camp
What did Matt go on right before arriving at the indian campcanoe
Who was the leader of the beaver tribeAttean's grandfather, Saknis
What did Attean do at the bear feasttold the story of the bear being killed
What did they do after the bear story was toldthey danced
What did they do after they dancedthey feasted
Who did not feastAttean
Why did not Attean feast on the bearhe killed the bear, so he does not eat
Where did Matt sleep after the feastin a wigwam
Where did the men go on the morning after the feasthunting for deer
Why didn't Attean go hunting with the menhe did not have a gun
Why did the men hunt with gunsbecause bow and arrrow is the old way that children use
Who did not want Matt at the feastAttean's grandmother
Who wanted Matt at the feastAttean's grandfather
Who killed Attean's motherwhite man
Why did white man kill Attean's momfor the Indian scalp
What did Matt realize as Attean led him back from his campthat he can make it back to the camp without help
What was the high=pitched yelp that Attean heard in the woodsAttean's dog in a trap
What happened when Matt tried to free the dogMatt got cut from his knuckles to his wrist
What did Matt do when there was no canoehe swam across the river
Who did Matt tell about the trapped dogAttean's grandma
Who translated Matts words to the grandmaAttean's sister, Marie
What is Attean's sister's nameMarie
Who helped the dogMatt and Marie
What did Marie put on the dogs heada blanket to keep the dog from biting them

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