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Fresh Water

High School
Unit 7

evaporationthe process of changing from a liquid to gas (water vapor)
precipitationthe process of condensed water vapor valling from the sky as rain, sleet, snow, hail
transpirationthe process of water vapor moving through small openings in the leaves of plants
condensationthe process of a gas becoming a liquid
runoffwater that runs off the land into a river, stream, or lake
watersheda drainage basin; a land ara whose water drains into a stream system
dissolved loadmaterials that are dissolved in a stream's water and carried away in a solution
suspended loadparticles small enough to be held up by the turbulence of a stream's moving water are carried away in suspension like silt, clay and sand
bed loadsand, pebbles, and cobbles that the water in the stream roll or push along the bed
floodplainbroad, flat area that extends out from a stream's bank and is covered by excess water during times of flooding
meandererosion causing a bend or curve
lakea depression in the earth's surface that holds water
wetlanda land area that is covered with water a large part of the year
stream bankground bordering each side of a stream that keeps the moving water confined
stream channelnarrow pathway carved into sediment or rock by the movement of surface water
solutionsilica, calcium, and sodium are dissolved in a stream's water
deltatriangular shaped deposit consisting of clay and silt that forms where a stream enters a large body of water
rejuvenationprocess during which a stream resumes downcutting toward its base level, increasing its rate of flow
eutrophicationprocess by which lakes become rich in nutrients from the surrounding watershed, resulting in a change in the kinds of organisms in the lake

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