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Intro to Earth Science

Unit 1

observationsomething you see, smell, taste, etc.
inferencean assumption or conclusion based on an observation
qualitativean observation without a numerical value
quantitativean observation with a numerical value
meterologistsstudy the earth's atmosphere
astronomersstudy space
geologistsstudy the solid earth
hydologistsstudy water
biospherelife on earth
lithospheresolid earth
atmosphereblanket of gases that surround the earth
hydropsherewater on earth
independent variablethe factor that is changed in an experiement
dependent variablethe factor that causes the change in a experiment
asthenospherepartially molten, flowing layer located below the solid part of the Earth's mantle
controlstandard for comparison in an experiement
hypothesisa suggested explanation for an observation often stated in the form of a question that can be answered by the results of an experiment

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