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Animal Adaptations Vocabulary

This vocabulary word list was developed as part of a unit on animal adaptations for a fourth grade classroom.

adaptationany body part, behavior, or physiological capability that increases an animal's ability to survive in its environment.
behavior- anything an animal does involving action and/or response to stimulation.
biomeThe world's major communities, classified according to the predominant vegetation and characterized by adaptation of organisms to that particular environment.
camouflageration that blends in with the surrounding environment.
counter shadingdark and light colors are a form of camouflage.
conservationtaking care of our environment by wisely managing its resources
ecosystema unit of plants, animals, and nonliving components of an environment that interact.
environmentthe total surroundings and forces that act upon a living thing.
endangered speciesa species of plant or animal of which numbers are decreasing at an alarming rate and is threatened with extinction by human-made or natural changes in the environment.
extinctno longer existing on the Earth.
habitatthe place where an animal lives
herbivorean animal that eats only plants
carnivorean animal that eats only animals
omnivorean animal that eats both plants and animals
predatoran animal that hunts other animals
preyv: to hunt and eat other animals. n: an animal eaten by another animal
invertebratean animal with no backbone
vertebratean animal with a backbone

Mrs. Sumner

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