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D-formOH group is on the right
L-formOH group is on the left
enantiomersall sugars can exist as mirror images
monosaccharidessmallest units of carbohydrate structure
triosethree-carbon sugar
pyranosesix-membered ring of a monosaccharide
alphaOH is pointed down in a Haworth projection
betaOH is pointed up in a Haworth projection
amino sugarsamino group replaces one of the OH group
sugar acidscarboxyloc acids derived from aldoses
glycosidic bondan acetal linkage in which the anomeric carbon of a sugar is condensed with an alcohol, an amine, or a thiol
sucrosean example of a nonreducing sugar
glucosean example of a reducing sugar
homoglycansalso called homopolysaccharides
heteroglycansalso called heteropolysaccharides
starchglucose storage in plants and fungi
glycogenglucoes storage in animals
reducing sugarsa carbonyl group that is readily oxidized
nonreducing sugarsa carbonyl group that is not readily oxidized
glycosidescompounds that contain glycosidic bonds

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