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India: History, Geography, and Culture

Himalayan Mountainsworld's largest mountain chain; borders India
Indus RiverIndus civilization formed around this river
India2nd most populated country in the world
Indication Indus was advanced civilizationplanned cities, straight streets, sewers
Indus women were among first to wear thislipstick
zebustype of cow eaten by Indus civilization
Indus transportationcamels, oxen, elephants
Civilization that invaded India from Central AsiaAryans
Vedascollections of Aryan poems and sacred hymns
epicslong narrative stories about life, wars, and accomplishments
castesocial system that divided India into different levels
Brahminstop of caste; priests
Hinduismmain religion in India today
reincarnationfalse belief that once a soul dies it returns to earth as some other life form
karmacollection of good and bad deeds which follow you into the next life
Gautamafounder of Buddhism
Buddha meansEnlightened One
nirvanaBuddhism belief in desired state, free from suffering
India's contributions to mathmaticszero and place value
calicocotton checked or figured print
Calicutwhere calico was first made
dynastyline of leaders that succeed each other in the same family
Indians who converted religion and separated to northwest and northeastMuslims
Taj Mahalbeautiful tomb built by ruler for his wife
Vasco de Gamafirst European to reach India by sailing around Africa
East India CompanyEuropean country who took power and control of India as dynasties lost control
Mahatma Gandhiled rebellion of peaceful disobedience for India to gain independence from English
independence gained in what year?1947
Nehrufirst prime minister of India
New Delhicapital
Bombaylargest city
Calcutta famous city on eatern coast
sarilong piece of cloth wrapped around body to form a long, flowing skirt
bindiround dot; formerly mark of marriage


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