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Geologic Time Scale

Unit 6 Part 3

geologic time scalethe division of Earth's history by the appearance or disappearance of types of organisms throughout history
eonsthe longest subdivision based on the abundance of certain fossils
erasmarked by major, striking, and worldwide changes in the types of fossils present
periodsdivide eras up into smaller units characterized by they types of life existing worldwide
epochsdivide periods up into smaller units characterized by the type of life existing from continent to continent
PreCambrian timethe longest period of Earth's history, 4.5 billion years ago
Paleozoic Eraera of ancient life
Pangeathe collision of the continents, forming one larger super continent
Mesozoic Eraera of middle life; the era dinosaurs existed
Cenozoic Eraera of recent life; the era humans exist; current era we are living now

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