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Caesarian Idioms-Prepositional

a dextro cornuon the right wing
a frontein front
a puerisfrom boyhood
a sinistro cornuon the left wing
ab armis discedereto lay down the arms
ab signis discedereto leave the ranks
ab officio discedereto fail in one's duty
ab cohortationeafter exhorting
ab eis defendereto defend against them
ab milibus passuum octoeight miles off
ab re frumentaria laborareto suffer with respect to provisions
ad Caesarem deferreto lay before Caesar
ad equum rescribereto enroll in the cavalry
ad hunc modumin this way
ad milia decemabout ten thousand
ad speciemfor show
ad unumto a man
ad urbemnear the city
ad urbem pervenithe arrived at the city
ad Alpes pertinentextend as far as the Alps
apud Caesaremin the presence of Caesar
de ea causafor this reason
de improvisosuddenly
ex aqua mensuraemeasures by the water-clocks
ex itinereon the march
ex navi egredito disembark
ex usu Galliaeof advantage to Gaul
ex vestigioon the spot
e vinculisin chains
soror ex matresister on the mother's side
unus e filiisone of the sons
in Caesaris fidem venireput one's self under the protection of Caesar
in diesdaily
in flumine pontem facereto build a bridge across the river
in fugam dareto put to flight
in itinereon the march
in perpetuumforever
in praesentiafor the present
in reliquum tempusfor the future
in vicemin turn
habere in animoto intend
inter se cohortatiexhorting one another
inter se dareto exchange
inter se differuntthey differ from one another
pro beneficiisin return for favors
pro multitudinein proportion to the large body
pro perfugaas a deserter
sub corona vendereto sell as slaves

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