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Risks & Benefits

Chemical Impact
Part 1
Unit 7

chemicalany substance with a defined molecular composition
metabolismthe process in which your body breaks down toxic chemicals into nontoxic by-products
synthetic chemicalschemicals that are prepared or created artificially, by man
over the counter drugsOTC drugs, chemicals in the form of medication that can be purchased without prescriptions
sanitizerantimicrobial substance that kills bacteria
crop yieldsagricultural output
food preservativessubstances added to food products to prevent decomposition due to chemical change or bacterial action
absorptionto enter in through the skin
ingestionto enter in through the mouth
inhalationto enter in through the mouth or nose in the form of a gas, vapor, fumes, or dust
toxina poisonous substance, a harmful chemical
toxiccapable of causing injury or death through the use of a chemical
toxicologista scientist who studies the effects of potentially harmful chemicals on living organisms
neurotoxina chemical that is harmful or destructive to the nervous tissue including the brain
dosethe amount of a chemical that is taken into your body
exposure timehow long your body is in contact with a chemical
potencythe capacity of a chemical to produce strong physiological effects
resistantthe chemical has no effect
susceptiblethe chemical easily affects
dose-exposurethe reaction of a living organism in response to a particular amount of a substance
lethalfatal, death
permissible exposure levelPEL; the limits on the amounts/concentrations of a sustance in the air
time-weighted averageTWA; the allowed exposure time of an employee during an 8 hour work shift of a 40 hour work week that cannot be exceeded

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