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Missouri Constitution Flash Card Review - (S11)

A _______________ is convened in private to evaluate criminal accusations against a person and to determine whether the evidence warrants an indictment.Grand Jury
After the Governor or Lieutenant Governor, who are the next six officers in line to become Governor?President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Speaker of the House, Secretary of State, State Auditor, State Treasurer, Attorney General
What fraction of jurors may issue a verdict in a CIVIL trial?3/4 majority
Judges must retire at age ____.70
A person must be registered to vote for state elections at least ___ days prior to the election28
If a bill is not returned by the Governor to the General Assembly within 15 days, the billbecomes law.
The Governor may not grant a reprieve or a pardon for any cases involvingtreason or impeachment
Missouri's civil and criminal trial courtsCircuit Courts.
Each senator shall be ____years of age, and a qualified voter off the state for ____ years30, 3
Term of office for Missouri Senate4 years
All appointments to administrative boards and commissions and heads of departments are made by the_____________ with the advice and consent of the_______.Governor, Senate
Missouri's legislatureThe General Assembly of the State of Missouri
Who is the ex officio president of the Senate?Lieutenant Governor
When may habeas corpus be suspended?Never
Persons may be excluded from voting if __________they are declared incompetent by a court, convicted of a felony, or committed a crime related to suffrage
No one may be convicted of treason except upon the testimony of __ witness(es) to the same overt act.two
The five necessary qualifications to become a Missouri voter includeAge 18 or over, resident of the state and political subdivision where they vote, registered, mentally competent, not convicted of a felony, no crime related to suffrage committed
Who has the power to tax in MO?The General Assembly
How may a person's life or property be taken?with due process of law
The Governor has ____ days to either sign or return a bill with objections to the original house.15 days
Bail is guaranteed except ______for capital offenses where proof is evident, the defendant is a danger to the community, or a flight risk
What are the limitations on freedom of religion?no licentious behavior, may not disrupt the order, peace and harmony of society
Number of members in the Missouri Senate34
What are three instances where a person's voting address need not change?when away at school, in the military or civil service, on the high seas
Money or security guaranteeing that an arrested person will appear for trialBail
Voters are free from arrest when going to, attending, or coming from elections EXCEPTfor treason, felony or breach of the peace
Elective executive officers and judges may be subject to ________________ for crimes, misconduct, habitual drunkenness, willful neglect of duty, corruption or incompetency.impeachment
The purpose of the initiative and referendum isto allow the voters to enact or reject laws and amendments to the MO constitution
What is marriage in Missouri?The legal union of a man and a woman
When may a Missouri judge decide a case rather than a jury?Upon the request of the defendant (waiver)
The punishment for nepotism is _____forfeiture of office or employment
A _____ is a crime for which a person could get up to one year in jail.Misdemeanor
All political power is vested in the ___________... and instituted solely for the good of the _____________.people, whole
Unlike the President of the U.S., when dealing with an appropriations bill, the Governor has the power toline-item (or partial) veto.
The General Assembly meets on the first Wednesday after the first Monday in ____________.January
Each representative shall be ____ years of age, and a qualified voter for _____years24, 2
The General Assembly adjourns on the 30th day of _________.May
This state officer keeps the seal of the state and maintains all state records, documents, and certifies all election results.Secretary of State
All bills must begin with the wording:"Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Missouri, ..."
When a vacancy occurs in the Supreme Court or Courts of Appeals, the _________ selects from a list of ___ candidates.Governor, 3
Missouri's __________ Plan for picking judges has been adopted in over 35 statesNonpartisan
The Governor is Commander in Chief of the _____________ except when called into the service of the U.S.state militia (National Guard)
Towards religion, the state must remain ___________.Neutral
What types of schools may not be financially supported by state funds?Religious
Appointing or employing a relativeNepotism
Judges on the Supreme Court and Appeals courts must have been citizens for ___ years and a qualified voter in Missouri for __ years.15, 9
Under what four conditions may the Lieutenant Governor become Actual Governor?When the governor dies, resigns, is convicted or impeached and removed from office
What restriction is there to keeping and bearing arms in Missouri?No concealed weapons without a permit.
The Governor must be at least ___ years old and have been a citizen of the U.S. _________, and a resident of the state at least ____ yrs.30, 15 years, 10
Maximum number of years of service in each chamber of the MO General Assembly8 years per chamber
The main duty of this officer is to verify the financial accounts of the state.Auditor
How many of the 12 grand jurors must vote for an indictment or true bill?9
What must be included on a search warrant?Description of place to be searched, the person or thing to be seized, and probable cause
What are two ways of voting in MO?Absentee or in person at the polls
Fractional vote needed in each chamber to call a Special Session of the state legislature3/4
Number of members in the Missouri House of Representatives163
The start of Missouri's fiscal year is _________July 1.
This state official is the custodian of all state funds, investing money, collecting taxes, and paying debts.Treasurer
Judges for Circuit Courts are selected for a ___-yr. term.6
What do Missourians vote on every 20 years?Whether to abolish the state's constitution and write a new one
How many members sit on a grand jury?12
The right to voteSuffrage
These appeals head straight to the Missouri Supreme Courtdeath penalty
Missouri's Supreme Court has ___ members.7
Judges of the Supreme Court and courts of appeals are selected for a ____-year term.12
Term of office for Missouri House of Representatives2 years
The General Assembly may reconvene during the second week of _________ for a ____ session.September, veto
A new judge serves for ______ before facing a retention election.1 year
Missourians may register to vote when they are _______ years of age.17 1/2
Missouri's chief lawyerThe Attorney General
State legislative boundaries are redrawn every _______ years to equalize population.10
The only Missouri judges not appointed pursuant to our Plan of Nonpartisan Judicial Selection?Circuit Judges in rural areas
A formal criminal charge issued by a Grand Jury.Indictment
Court proceeding where the defendant is formally charged and enters a plea.Arraignment
The jury that decides guilty or innocence in a criminal case.Petit Jury
Person authorized to administer oaths and witness signatures.Notary Public
The government takes private property for a public purpose.Eminent Domain
In Missouri, a Prosecuting Attorney may issue a formal criminal charge against a defendant by filing an ____________Information
Official in charge of Missouri's electionsSecretary of State
Official who is custodian of the state's fundsTreasurer
Number of years that pass between redrawing legislative district boundaries10
The only judges in Missouri who are choses in partisan electionsCircuit judges in rural counties
The Governor's power to shorten a criminal sentenceCommutation
Forgiveness of a crimePardon
Month during which Municipal Elections are heldApril
Month for Missouri's Primary ElectionsAugust
On election day in Missouri the polls open at ____ and close at _____6 a.m. / 7 p.m.
Official nicknamed "The Taxpayer's Watch DogState Auditor
St. Louis, Kansas City and SpringfieldCities home to a Missouri Court of Appeals
Crime Punishable by more than a year in jailFelony


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